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TurboHire is an AI-powered recruitment automation platform designed to optimize and streamline the entire recruitment process for enterprises. It offers a comprehensive suite of features including applicant tracking, candidate sourcing, talent screening, interview automation, offers, and onboarding. The platform is praised for its ability to significantly reduce time-to-hire by 65% and improve productivity by 300%【6†source】.


  1. Comprehensive Feature Set: Offers a wide range of features such as applicant tracking, candidate sourcing, talent screening, interview automation, and onboarding.
  2. Streamlined Recruitment Process: Automates and streamlines the recruitment process, making it more efficient and less time-consuming.
  3. Integration Capabilities: TurboHire can be integrated with a variety of tools including HRMS tools, job boards, communication tools, candidate assessment tools, video conferencing applications, and background verification services. This makes it a flexible solution that can fit into an existing tech stack smoothly【7†source】.


  1. Complexity for Small Businesses: While extremely beneficial for large enterprises and mid-market companies, the wide array of features and integrations might be overwhelming for smaller businesses or startups.
  2. Pricing: The platform’s pricing is based on the number of active jobs and might be on the higher end for smaller companies or startups. The Starter plan is $149 per active job per month, and the Pro plan is $249 per active job per month. However, an Enterprise plan with additional customizations and integrations is also available and is priced on a quote basis【7†source】.
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Use Cases:

  1. Large Enterprises Struggling with High Volume Hiring: TurboHire’s applicant tracking and talent screening can help filter through candidates quickly and identify the most qualified applicants, making it suitable for companies with a large number of applications.
  2. Companies Seeking to Expand Talent Pool: TurboHire’s candidate sourcing and engagement features assist in connecting with potential candidates and building relationships, leading to a more diverse and qualified pool of applicants.
  3. Businesses Aiming to Automate Recruitment Processes: Companies looking to reduce manual recruitment tasks can leverage TurboHire’s interview automation, and offers and onboarding features【6†source】.


TurboHire offers a flexible pricing plan with a free trial available. The pricing is based on the number of active jobs, with the Starter plan priced at $149 per active job per month, including basic features like sourcing, candidate tracking, and interview scheduling. The Pro plan is $249 per active job per month, offering advanced features such as referral tracking and custom analytics. The Enterprise plan provides additional customizations and integrations and is priced based on individual requirements. Additional features can be added for an extra cost, and TurboHire offers a price matching guarantee for similar products【7†source】.

In conclusion, TurboHire is a robust solution for enterprises looking to enhance their recruitment processes through automation and AI-driven insights.

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