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Last Updated on January 23, 2024 by Ivan Cocherga

Visit Website is a company that focuses on leveraging unstructured social media data to provide rich consumer insights. Here’s a detailed overview:

What is was founded with the vision of utilizing the massive amount of unstructured social media data to offer deeper consumer insights. The company segments consumers and neighborhoods based on social, mobile, web behaviors, and social media behaviors using datasets such as PersonaLive, Proximity, and FollowGraph. Since 2016,’s data has been utilized by numerous companies to enhance their understanding of customers, predict sales revenue, and make informed business decisions【7†source】.

Pros of

  1. Rich Consumer Insights: provides comprehensive insights by analyzing unstructured social media data, offering a deeper understanding of consumer mindsets, interests, and attitudes.
  2. Diverse Applications: The data can be applied across various industries including retail, restaurants, marketing, advertising, real estate (both commercial and residential), financial services, and consumer packaged goods (CPG)【6†source】【7†source】.
  3. Enhanced Segmentation and Targeting: The platform allows for precise segmentation of customers and neighborhoods, facilitating highly targeted, data-driven marketing campaigns and real estate decisions【9†source】.

Cons of
As with any data analytics platform, there might be challenges related to:

  1. Data Privacy and Security: Ensuring the privacy and security of the data being analyzed, especially since it involves social media behaviors.
  2. Accuracy and Representativeness: Ensuring the data accurately represents the target consumer or neighborhood, considering it’s based on online behaviors which may not always depict offline realities.
Alternative Tool  Viral Curation AI

Use Cases:

  1. Marketing: Launch targeted campaigns rapidly by understanding unique customer behaviors and activating audiences efficiently.
  2. Real Estate Analysis: Inform location decisions for retail, restaurants, or development projects by mapping customer segments and identifying optimal sites.
  3. Predictive Modeling: Enhance predictive models with unique datasets that offer signals not found in demographic data alone.
  4. Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG): Improve market share and shelf space in retail by understanding and responding to consumer trends, sales modeling with social media or website data, and effective product launches【6†source】【9†source】.

Specific pricing details were not publicly available. However, encourages interested parties to schedule a demo to explore the data and discover the consumer and location insights needed for business growth【6†source】.

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