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What is Novable, pros and cons, use cases

Novable is an innovative company that offers an AI-powered scouting engine and a comprehensive innovation scouting platform. Led by visionary Laurent Kinet, Novable aims to revolutionize the way corporate development strategies are implemented by connecting companies with relevant startups.

The key advantage of Novable’s AI-powered scouting engine is its ability to efficiently scan through a vast pool of startups and identify perfect matches for companies seeking innovative solutions. This powerful technology uses cutting-edge deepmatching™ technology to analyze activity data spectrum and deliver impactful results. This ensures that companies can find the most suitable startups to collaborate with and drive their innovation journey forward.

Novable’s comprehensive innovation scouting platform is another noteworthy aspect. It provides a frictionless experience for heads of innovation, business developers, and strategic investors, offering them an easy and intuitive way to explore and connect with promising startups. This platform not only streamlines the innovation scouting process but also provides invaluable insights and analytics to help companies make well-informed decisions.

Use cases for Novable’s services are diverse. It can be a game-changer for companies looking to enhance their corporate development strategies. Additionally, it proves beneficial for innovation research, allowing companies to scan the innovation landscape and identify industry-specific products and trends. Strategic investors can leverage Novable to make informed investments in startups with the potential for significant returns.

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Overall, Novable’s AI-powered scouting engine and comprehensive innovation scouting platform provide companies with a reliable framework for driving innovation and finding the right startups to collaborate with. By leveraging advanced technology and data-driven insights, Novable empowers companies to stay at the forefront of innovation and propel their growth.

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