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Eclipse AI

Last Updated on January 24, 2024 by Ivan Cocherga

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Eclipse AI is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to transform customer feedback into actionable insights. It helps businesses address the issue of customer churn by accurately predicting and preventing it through the analysis of customer behavior patterns. This enables companies to anticipate customer needs and take proactive measures to retain them.


  • Eclipse AI excels in unifying and analyzing voice-of-customer data from various channels like surveys, reviews, chat logs, and phone logs.
  • It generates risk mitigations and actionable insights to reduce customer churn, providing a comprehensive understanding of customer sentiment in real-time.
  • The tool is equipped with features like multi-channel feedback collection, customer experience dashboards, churn risk scoring, and AI-powered recommendations.
  • It supports the analysis of data in 40 different languages and has an open API for easy integration with existing tech stacks such as CRM, task management, and survey tools.
  • Eclipse AI is noted for its ease of use and quality of support, and it’s trusted by teams at leading customer-centric brands.


  • Detailed cons are not explicitly mentioned in the sources, but as with any tool, potential drawbacks could include the need for technical know-how to integrate and interpret the AI-generated insights, and the reliance on the quality and quantity of the input data for accurate churn predictions.
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Use Cases:

  • Eclipse AI turns customer interactions from reviews, surveys, calls, tickets, and emails into real-time insights.
  • It’s particularly useful for proactive customer retention, flagged as a top tool by G2® in this category.
  • The platform can quickly flag crucial concerns from siloed voice-of-customer channels, save time in data analysis and reporting, reduce customer support emails, and improve portfolio profitability.
  • It can also significantly enhance the conversion rate from marketing activities and improve NPS/CSAT within months.


  • Eclipse AI offers a variety of pricing plans:
  • Basic Plan: $55/month (30% off with an annual plan).
  • Professional Plan: $142/month (30% off with an annual plan).
  • The features include real-time identification and elimination of churn risk, AI-generated risk mitigations and best practices, a Kanban action board, unlimited voice-of-customer data capture, real-time dashboards, and a public API integration.
  • Note that the pricing details might be subject to changes, and it’s advisable to check the latest pricing on the official website.

In summary, Eclipse AI provides a powerful solution for businesses looking to understand and act on customer feedback comprehensively and in real-time, thereby reducing customer churn and improving business outcomes.

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