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What is Pagewise, pros and cons, use cases and prices

Pagewise is a web-based tool that offers natural language processing to convert unstructured data into actionable insights. Its key features include integration with Slack for seamless communication and analytics for data-driven decision making.


1. Natural Language Processing: Pagewise enables users to analyze unstructured data, such as customer feedback or social media comments, to extract valuable insights.

2. Integration with Slack: This feature allows teams to collaborate effectively and share insights in real-time, improving communication and decision-making.

3. Analytics: Pagewise offers data visualization and analytics tools to help users understand trends and patterns in their data.


1. Limited Integration Options: Pagewise currently has limited integration options with other third-party tools.

2. Pricing: The pricing options for Pagewise may not be suitable for smaller businesses with limited budgets.

Use Cases:

1. Customer Feedback Analysis: Pagewise can be used to analyze customer feedback from various sources and identify trends and sentiments.

2. Social Media Monitoring: Businesses can use Pagewise to monitor social media conversations and analyze public sentiment.

3. Market Research: Pagewise can help companies analyze market trends and consumer behavior for informed decision-making.


Pagewise offers tiered pricing options based on the number of users and the volume of data processed. Pricing starts at $99 per month for basic features and can range up to $499 per month for advanced analytics and collaboration tools.

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