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Webullar AI is a comprehensive, AI-powered platform designed to streamline and enhance online presence for businesses and individuals. The platform is known for its user-friendly interface and the capability to produce high-quality content and designs without requiring any prior knowledge of design, websites, or marketing. Here’s an overview of Webullar AI, its features, advantages, use cases, and pricing.


  1. Website Generation: Webullar allows users to create professional-looking websites in seconds. It provides a range of templates that users can customize to align with their brand identity.
  2. Social Media Post Generator: The platform comes with a feature to generate engaging social media posts for various platforms. Users can input a topic, and the AI will generate a range of post ideas.
  3. Lead Management Tools: Webullar offers tools for collecting and managing leads from websites and social media channels. This includes contact forms, email marketing, and CRM systems.
  4. AI Content Writer Assistant: The platform includes an AI content writer assistant to help generate content for websites and social media posts.
  5. Built-in CRM: Users can build and manage their customer database directly from their phone, including custom fields for storing diverse customer information.
  6. Newsletter Tool: The platform enables users to send AI-written newsletters packed with auto-suggested content, allowing for effective and targeted outreach campaigns.
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  1. Time-Saving: Automates the process of website creation, social media post generation, and lead management, saving valuable time for users.
  2. Efficiency: The templates and lead management tools enhance the efficiency of creating and managing an online presence.
  3. Productivity Boost: The AI-powered tools assist in quickly creating high-quality content and designs, boosting overall productivity.
  4. Ease of Use: Designed to be accessible to everyone, even those without any prior experience in website or social media management.
  5. Customization and Personalization: Offers the ability to personalize services to every customer based on the data-driven decisions from the built-in CRM.

Use Cases

Webullar AI is versatile and can be used by businesses of all sizes, as well as by individuals who need to quickly establish a website and social media presence. Specific use cases include:

  • Small business owners creating websites and social media presence.
  • E-commerce businesses generating social media posts for their products.
  • Social media influencers creating posts for their followers.
  • Marketing teams creating website landing pages and social media campaigns.


Webullar AI offers a 14-day free trial and subsequently paid plans. The pricing structure includes different tiers offering varying features such as the number of social media posts per week, the number of customers in the CRM, newsletter emails per month, and website languages supported. Users have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade between license tiers based on their needs.

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In summary, Webullar AI stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for quickly and efficiently building and managing an online presence. Its AI-driven features not only streamline the creation process but also ensure the production of high-quality content, making it a valuable asset for businesses and individuals aiming to enhance their digital footprint.

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