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Video Generator by Vidds

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Video Generator by Vidds is an AI-powered online tool designed to facilitate the creation of professional and engaging videos in minutes. It caters to a wide audience, including social media marketers, educators, and businesses of various sizes, providing an efficient solution for producing promotional videos, dynamic educational content, and clear product demonstrations or explainer videos.

Pros and Cons


  • Vidds offers a user-friendly platform that makes video creation accessible to those with minimal digital skills. Its extensive video editing capabilities allow for the addition of audio, images, subtitles, text transitions, and watermarks to videos.
  • It utilizes AI to generate video scenes and suggest relevant stock footage based on user input, significantly saving time and inspiring creative video ideas.
  • The tool supports brand customization, enabling users to incorporate brand colors and logos, ensuring consistency across their video content.


  • Some users might find the customization options to be somewhat limited, potentially impacting the ability to fully tailor videos to their exact preferences.
  • The variety and relevance of the stock video assets provided by the AI could be insufficient for certain users’ needs.

Use Cases

Video Generator by Vidds shines across various applications:

  • Social Media Marketing: Effortlessly creates engaging promotional content that drives interactions with audiences.
  • Education: Transforms static materials into dynamic video content, enhancing the learning experience for students in both online and in-person settings.
  • Business Promotion: Offers a streamlined approach for crafting eye-catching product demonstrations or explainer videos, making complex ideas easily understandable.
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For specific pricing details, interested users are encouraged to contact Vidds directly, as the pricing information might vary based on the requirements and the scale of the projects.

In summary, Video Generator by Vidds stands out as a powerful tool for creating professional-quality videos with ease, despite some limitations in customization and stock asset variety. Its broad range of applications and time-saving features make it a valuable asset for content creators, educators, and businesses looking to leverage video content for engagement and educational purposes.

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