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Stream Chat A.I.

Last Updated on March 18, 2024 by Ivan Cocherga

Stream Chat A.I.

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Stream Chat AI is a tool that provides chat API and SDKs for custom messaging applications, enabling the development of real-time chat quickly and efficiently. It allows users to build in-app messaging with a highly reliable chat infrastructure, which can be used to increase engagement in a community or even replace email for team communications. The chat SDK feature enables users to build live-chat applications, Slack alternatives, and add live chat solutions to livestreams. It supports dynamic slash commands, file attachments, direct and group chats, Giphy integration, multi-tenancy, threads for organized discussions, and previews for sharing information. The tool also features AI-based auto-moderation to monitor conversations and keep them civil, without any limit on the number of live chat participants. Users can leverage Stream Chat’s react components, SDKs, and UI kits to create powerful web-chat experiences or mobile applications with just a few lines of code【9†source】.

The pricing plans for Stream Chat start from $499 per month for the Startup plan, which includes core features, support for 10,000 monthly active users (MAU), unlimited message storage, and more. The Standard plan is priced at $1,299 per month, supporting 25,000 MAU, and the Premium plan at $2,299 per month for 50,000 MAU. For enterprises with needs exceeding these plans, custom pricing is available. Additional features such as advanced moderation, AI image moderation, and auto-translation are available for additional fees.

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Pros of Stream Chat AI include the ability to swiftly deploy in-app messaging, the extensive features it offers such as file attachments, Giphy integration, and AI-based auto-moderation, and its scalable infrastructure that can support a large number of concurrent users and messages. However, potential cons could include the complexity of its pricing model for some users and the additional fees for advanced features. Use cases for Stream Chat AI span across various sectors including social media platforms, gaming communities, live streaming services, e-commerce customer support, and team communication tools, among others.

Stream Chat’s feature-rich platform and scalable infrastructure make it a powerful solution for integrating advanced chat functionalities into applications, with a pricing model designed to cater to startups, medium-sized businesses, and large enterprises alike.

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