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Spective: AI-Business Coach


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Spective is an AI-powered business coach designed to assist entrepreneurs in various stages of their business development. This innovative tool provides a platform for entrepreneurs to discuss their business ideas with an AI-driven coach, which offers tailored questions and feedback to challenge and refine their concepts. The process starts with an AI-led conversation about the entrepreneur’s business idea, during which the AI adapts its questions based on the user’s responses. This conversation is designed to inspire, challenge, and ensure all topics necessary for assessing the business’s viability are covered. The first 10 questions are offered for free as part of the service【5†source】.

One of the standout features of Spective is its ability to generate a digital report comprising various business planning tools. This report includes pitch and pitch-deck outlines, a 360° business plan evaluation including SWOT analysis, a step-by-step roadmap to the next milestone, and strategies for testing risky assumptions【5†source】. This comprehensive approach has been crafted to cater to businesses across any industry or development stage, providing personalized and effective guidance to enhance business planning and execution.

The core features of Spective include analyzing business ideas, assessing potential risks, creating pitch outlines, providing a thorough analysis, and offering high-quality advice based on a collaboration between AI technology and experienced business coaches. Highlights of the tool include AI-led business planning chats, comprehensive evaluations from multiple angles, validation of ideas, tailored roadmaps for future steps, and assistance in creating impactful pitch materials【6†source】.

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Spective prioritizes user privacy and the confidentiality of business ideas. It implements encryption, complies with data regulations like GDPR, has strict access controls, and signs non-disclosure agreements with its team to protect the confidentiality of users’ business ideas【5†source】.

The tool has been positively received, with users praising its ability to listen and understand their situations, its value for money compared to traditional consultancy services, and its effectiveness in structuring thoughts and creating pitch decks【5†source】.

While specific pricing details were not directly accessible, Spective is marked as a paid service, indicating that after the initial free questions, users may need to subscribe or pay for the full suite of services and features offered【7†source】【8†source】.

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