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SiteSpeak AI

Last Updated on March 21, 2024 by Ivan Cocherga

SiteSpeak AI

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SiteSpeak AI is a platform designed to help businesses automate customer support through AI-driven chatbots. It allows the creation of custom-trained GPT support chatbots that can answer questions about products and services in real-time, aiming to reduce support tickets and save on customer support costs. These chatbots can be trained using a variety of content sources like knowledge bases, support documents, PDFs, YouTube videos, and more. They’re designed to handle most customer inquiries automatically and can escalate to human agents when necessary. The platform offers features like smart responses, live chat, branding customization, analytics, and multi-platform integration, ensuring that the chatbots provide a seamless extension of the brand they represent.

SiteSpeak AI supports various use cases across industries including universities for student assistance, e-commerce for customer support and product queries, informational websites for engaging visitors with relevant content, healthcare for guidance and scheduling, real estate for assisting buyers or renters, and many more sectors that benefit from immediate, 24/7 customer interaction.

The pricing model of SiteSpeak AI offers a range of plans to accommodate different needs and scales of operation, starting from a free plan suited for small projects and personal use, to a business plan designed for larger enterprises seeking extensive customization and automation features. Pricing for their subscription plans varies, with options available for monthly or annual payments. The “Startup” plan starts at $30 per month, the “Pro” plan at $60 per month, and the “Business” plan at $500 per month, each offering increasing levels of features, source links, message credits, and support response times.

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In conclusion, SiteSpeak AI presents a comprehensive solution for automating customer interactions on websites, with flexible pricing and a broad set of features designed to enhance customer service, lead generation, and engagement across various industries.

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