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What is Sidechat AI, pros and cons, use cases

Sidechat AI is a feature in ARMA 3 mission editing and scripting that allows Artificial Intelligence (AI) characters to communicate with players through the sidechat channel. This feature has several advantages and disadvantages that are crucial to consider in mission creation.

One of the major pros of Sidechat AI is enhanced immersion. By enabling AI characters to interact with players through text messages in the sidechat, a realistic and dynamic atmosphere is created, making the ARMA 3 gameplay experience more engaging.

Additionally, Sidechat AI can provide vital mission-related information and updates. AI characters can relay important objectives, warn about incoming threats, or even engage in realistic conversations with players, giving them valuable situational awareness and enhancing the overall mission storytelling.

However, there are some potential cons associated with Sidechat AI. It may sometimes lead to information overload if AI characters excessively communicate, overwhelming players with constant messages. To prevent this, mission creators should carefully balance the frequency and relevance of AI sidechat communications.

Another drawback is the limited personalization of AI sidechat messages. While players can tailor their interactions and choose responses, AI characters’ communication tends to be more scripted and less adaptable to specific player actions or choices.

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Use cases for Sidechat AI vary, but they are particularly effective in narrative-driven missions or scenarios where the player’s immersion and information flow are critical. For instance, it can be utilized to create a suspenseful atmosphere in stealth missions by having AI characters provide countdowns or progress updates.

Overall, Sidechat AI in ARMA 3 mission editing and scripting offers an opportunity to enhance player engagement, provide important mission information, and create immersive experiences. Nonetheless, it requires careful implementation and moderation to avoid overwhelming players or sacrificing personalization.

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