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SEOBox is an AI-driven tool aimed at enhancing the online presence of subject matter experts, PR agencies, startup founders, and link builders through efficient PR and link-building opportunities. It automates the task of finding and responding to opportunities by allowing users to set up targeted keywords and filters. Once configured, SEOBox delivers personalized notifications directly to the user’s email inbox whenever a matching opportunity is found. This tool monitors various platforms, such as HARO, Help A B2B Writer, and PASE, among others, to provide a unified feed of potential PR gains【6†source】.

SEOBox offers three main pricing plans after a 5-day free trial period:

  • The Basic Plan at $29/month includes tracking up to 20 keywords, creating up to 5 tracking lists, and receiving up to 70 match alerts per month for up to 15 subscribers.
  • The Pro Plan at $59/month expands these capabilities to 30 keywords, 10 tracking lists, 150 match alerts, and 20 subscribers.
  • The Business Plan at $99/month further increases the limits to 70 keywords, 20 tracking lists, 300 match alerts, and 40 subscribers【7†source】.

The primary use cases for SEOBox include PR agencies looking to boost client exposure, startup founders aiming to increase visibility and attract investors, and link builders seeking to acquire authoritative backlinks to improve organic search rankings. The tool’s keyword syntax configuration and operators like AND/OR ensure that users receive the most relevant opportunities【6†source】.

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Advantages of SEOBox include a unified dashboard that consolidates opportunities from different platforms into a single feed, reducing the time spent on manual searches. It also offers flexibility in team collaboration, with the Pro and Business plans allowing multiple team members to access the workspace. However, the tool’s effectiveness heavily depends on the quality and relevance of the keywords set by the user, which, if not well-configured, might deliver less pertinent matches, potentially leading to wasted effort【6†source】.

SEOBox is designed to save time and effort, allowing users to focus on crafting responses to maximize exposure and authority in their field. It provides a comprehensive solution for monitoring digital PR and backlink opportunities, making it a valuable tool for professionals looking to enhance their online presence and expert reputation【8†source】.

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