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Rooftops AI

Last Updated on February 21, 2024 by Ivan Cocherga

Rooftops AI

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Rooftops AI is a platform designed to optimize service businesses through AI-driven tools, particularly catering to industries like roofing, contracting, painting, HVAC, landscaping, and more. It provides a suite of features aimed at enhancing operational efficiency, customer service, and marketing efforts.

Pros of Rooftops AI:

  • Integration with Google Maps: Offers capabilities for location-based data analysis and solar potential assessments, facilitating efficient geospatial analytics and robust solar prospects evaluation.
  • AI-driven Features: Includes intelligent task management, automated marketing, lead generation, client information capture, and targeted content creation, providing a comprehensive toolset to drive business growth and scale revenue in competitive markets【7†source】.
  • Customizable AI Chatbot: Enhances lead generation and customer interaction by providing automated support that can be tailored to match a brand’s voice, ensuring a cohesive customer experience【7†source】.
  • Content Creation and Management: AI Creator Studio generates various content types to boost online presence, with features for social media, email marketing, and more, streamlining content creation processes【7†source】.
  • User Feedback Handling: Segregates user feedback through AI Chatbot into positive (for testimonials) and negative (for immediate team action), enabling efficient customer feedback management【7†source】.

Cons of Rooftops AI:

While specific cons are not directly listed, potential drawbacks could include the need for businesses to adapt to the integration of AI tools into their operations and the reliance on digital platforms for critical business functions. Additionally, the effectiveness of AI-driven insights and automation depends on the quality of data input and the platform’s ability to interpret industry-specific nuances accurately.

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Use Cases:

Rooftops AI is ideal for small business owners and solo entrepreneurs within the service sector, looking to leverage AI for improving efficiency across various areas such as job site visualization, customer service, and marketing automation【6†source】. Its integration with Google Maps for solar potential assessments opens up new opportunities for businesses involved in solar installations or requiring geospatial data analysis【7†source】.


Rooftops AI offers a Free plan to get started with basic features and a taste of how AI can benefit your industry. For more comprehensive features, the Unlimited Pro plan is available at $12 per month when billed annually or $9 per month when billed monthly. This plan includes unlimited property reports, full access to the AI Creator Studio, custom AI chatbots, and more, aimed at business owners and managers ready to scale their operations with AI【8†source】.

The platform is highly rated by users for its ease of use and cost-effectiveness compared to alternatives, with one review highlighting these aspects positively【9†source】.

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