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What is Recast, pros and cons, use cases

Recasting a mortgage is a smart financial move that can help homeowners lower their monthly payments without the need to refinance. This option is particularly beneficial for borrowers who want to keep their current interest rate but need to reduce their monthly expenses. Let’s dive into the pros and cons of mortgage recasting and explore some common use cases.


1. Lower Monthly Payments: By recasting a mortgage loan, borrowers can spread out their remaining principal balance over a new term, resulting in reduced monthly payments.

2. Keep Current Interest Rate: Unlike refinancing, recasting allows homeowners to maintain their existing interest rate, potentially saving them from higher interest rates in the market.


1. Upfront Costs: Mortgage lenders may charge a fee for recasting a loan, usually a few hundred dollars. However, this cost is significantly lower compared to closing costs associated with refinancing.

2. Limited Use Cases: Recasting is not applicable for all borrowers or situations. It is generally beneficial for those who wish to lower their monthly payments and have a lump sum available to reduce the principal balance.

Use Cases:

1. Financial Relief: Borrowers facing financial difficulties can opt for recasting to lower their monthly payments and ease their financial burden.

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2. Windfall of Cash: Individuals who come into a substantial amount of money, such as an inheritance or bonus, can use it to reduce their mortgage principal and recast the loan for lower monthly payments.

In conclusion, mortgage recasting offers a convenient and cost-effective option for homeowners who want to lower their monthly mortgage payments while maintaining their current interest rate. This approach can be particularly useful when borrowers desire to reduce their financial burden or when they receive a significant sum of money.

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