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MagicPic AI

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MagicPic is an AI-powered photo editing tool that offers a range of features designed to simplify the process of photo enhancement and background manipulation. Key functionalities include AI cutout, background removal and replacement, retouching, lasso tool, stamping, and image elimination. These features allow users to easily change the background of photos, remove unwanted elements, and enhance images for both personal and professional use.

The tool supports batch processing, enabling users to edit over 1000 photos simultaneously, and provides various templates and customizable options for backgrounds. MagicPic is designed to be user-friendly, requiring no advanced photo editing skills, making it accessible to a broad audience from social media enthusiasts to e-commerce businesses.

MagicPic also offers AI-generated avatar creation, allowing users to create personalized and unique avatars by uploading photos. This feature includes extensive customization options for hair, eyes, outfits, and accessories, ensuring a highly personalized avatar creation experience.

The app is available for download with both free and premium versions, the latter offering additional features and capabilities. Users have praised MagicPic for its ease of use, speed, and the quality of the results it produces.

For more information, you can visit MagicPic’s website or check out its listing on Product Hunt and

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