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Human Generator

Last Updated on February 8, 2024 by Ivan Cocherga

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Human Generator is an AI-powered tool that specializes in creating hyper-realistic, full-body photos of people using advanced algorithms. It’s designed to provide maximum diversity, allowing users to generate characters of various ethnicities, ages, body types, and dynamic poses. This tool is particularly noted for its ease of use and the ability to customize outfits, poses, and even integrate real faces into generated bodies, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of applications.

Pros of the Human Generator include its ability to produce hyperrealistic visuals, offer a vast diversity in the characters it can generate, and provide versatile poses and outfit customization. It’s also praised for features like anonymity protection, responsive support, and the potential for future features such as generating variations and animations.

However, there are cons to consider as well. Some users might find the generated results occasionally off, there’s limited control over individual traits, dependency on AI algorithms, limitations in the free plan for commercial use, and limited resolution for the free plan.

Use Cases for the Human Generator span across various domains including game development, prototyping and design, advertising, academic research, anonymity protection, medical research, artwork and NFTs, law enforcement, machine learning, and educational tools.

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Pricing for Human Generator varies based on the plan:

  • The Free Plan offers access to a significant number of low-resolution generated photos for personal, non-commercial use with a link-back requirement.
  • The Monthly Plan is priced at $19.99, providing 15 high-resolution photos from the Faces library or Face Generator for commercial use, with added benefits such as transparent backgrounds and larger resolutions.
  • The Yearly Plan offers a 22% discount on the monthly rate, extending the same benefits.
  • For integration into websites or applications, API Plans start at $250 per month for 1000 photos, with usage permitted up to 3 days post subscription end.

Choosing Human Generator offers several benefits, including the production of images nearly indistinguishable from real humans, ease of use, extensive customization options, and support for commercial projects. It’s a compelling option for anyone needing to generate human images for various applications, balancing its advanced capabilities with some limitations and considerations.

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