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Human Circles AI

Last Updated on March 12, 2024 by Ivan Cocherga

Human Circles AI

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Human Circles AI is a generative AI platform focused on enhancing human connections in the professional realm, specifically through LinkedIn. It’s available as a free Chrome extension and does not require a credit card for use. The platform is designed to leverage the capabilities of ChatGPT to improve networking by identifying perfect matches based on user needs and enabling smarter engagement through hyper-personalized messages. This fusion of AI and human interaction aims to make professional networking more meaningful and efficient.


  • Precision Networking: It enhances LinkedIn search capabilities, allowing users to find precisely what they need, from job candidates to business partners.
  • Smarter Engagement: By integrating ChatGPT, it offers personalized engagement options, making it easier to establish connections based on common interests.
  • Diverse Use Cases: The platform supports various networking needs, including fundraising for startups, career guidance, hiring, business development, alumni networking, and strategic partnerships.
  • Trusted by Experts: Human Circles AI is recognized and used by prominent AI experts and industry veterans.


  • Technical Issues: Some users have reported issues with the extension, such as errors during operation, indicating potential technical glitches that could hamper its effectiveness.
  • Mixed Reviews: While some users find it to be a valuable tool for LinkedIn prospecting and networking, others have criticized it for not delivering on its promises, as highlighted in reviews on Product Hunt.
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Use Cases:

Human Circles AI caters to a broad spectrum of networking needs. It’s useful for startup founders looking to connect with investors, professionals seeking career advice, companies in the hiring process, salespeople aiming to reach potential clients, alumni seeking to reconnect, and businesses looking for strategic partnerships.


Human Circles AI is offered for free. This accessibility is part of its appeal, allowing users to explore its features without financial commitment.

In summary, Human Circles AI presents an innovative approach to professional networking by combining the power of AI with the intricacy of human interactions. Its focus on enhancing LinkedIn search and engagement capabilities makes it a potentially valuable tool for various professional networking goals. However, user experiences seem to vary, indicating that its effectiveness may depend on specific use cases and individual expectations.

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