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What is FreeTTS, pros and cons, use cases

FreeTTS is an open source speech synthesis system written in Java. It allows developers to convert written text into spoken words using various voice options. One of the main advantages of FreeTTS is its compatibility with Java, making it accessible to developers who prefer this programming language.

A standout feature of FreeTTS is its support for end-of-speech markers, which provide better control and synchronization of audio playback. Additionally, FreeTTS is known to be faster than Flite, another popular speech synthesis engine.

However, it is important to note that FreeTTS cannot be used in applets due to security restrictions imposed by Java. This limitation may restrict its usage for certain applications, especially those deployed in web-based environments.

There are several use cases where FreeTTS can be valuable. Developers can utilize FreeTTS to create applications that require text-to-speech functionality, such as voice assistants, interactive voice response systems, and audiobook generators. Its flexibility and compatibility with Java make FreeTTS a viable choice for both small-scale projects and large-scale applications.

In summary, FreeTTS is an open source speech synthesis system that provides a range of voice options and efficient text-to-speech conversion. While it offers advantages like end-of-speech markers and faster performance, it is important to consider the applet security limitation for certain use cases. Overall, FreeTTS is a valuable tool for developers looking to incorporate speech synthesis capabilities into their Java-based applications.

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