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Converso, derived from the Spanish word “converso” meaning “convert,” refers to Jewish individuals who converted to Christianity during the 15th centuries in Spain and Portugal. The rise of anti-Semitism and the establishment of the Spanish Inquisition forced many Jewish communities to either convert or face persecution. As a result, thousands of Jews became conversos, embracing Christianity to save their lives and livelihoods.

Conversos had a complex and challenging experience. On one hand, they were able to integrate into wider Christian society and escape the persecution faced by practicing Jews. This enabled them to gain access to positions of power and influence, particularly in areas such as politics, finance, and the arts.

However, conversos often faced suspicion and discrimination due to their Jewish ancestry. Inquisition tribunals relentlessly investigated their religious practices and loyalty to Christianity. Conversos had to navigate a delicate balance between their public Christian identity and their hidden Jewish heritage.

In Latin America, where many conversos settled, the lines between Christian and Jewish populations blurred. Converso ancestry became widespread, contributing to the formation of Latin American Jewish communities. This mixed heritage has led to ongoing debates and research in converso and morisco studies.

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Today, the history and impact of the converso experience continue to be studied and celebrated. Scholars like Kevin Ingram have published groundbreaking works on converso history, while organizations such as the Center for Converso Research provide a platform for further academic exploration. The legacy of conversos serves as a reminder of the complexity, resilience, and difficult lives of individuals who navigated the challenges of religious conversion during turbulent times in history.

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