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Last Updated on February 19, 2024 by Ivan Cocherga

Visit Beatoven Website is an innovative and groundbreaking music technology startup that stands out as India’s first and only AI-backed web-based music composition platform. Its core mission is to democratize music creation, enabling music composers and content creators to craft their own original, royalty-free music that is easy to license. This is achieved through advanced AI algorithms that blend with creative input to allow even those with minimal musical background to compose unique soundtracks for their content.

Pros of

  • Ease of Use: simplifies the music creation process, allowing users to generate unique music by either describing the background music needed or choosing a genre, emotion, and tempo for the AI to generate music accordingly.
  • Diversity in Music: The platform offers specialized algorithms for creating region-specific music, ensuring wide resonance with diverse audiences. It plans to expand its music library to include ethnic music from around the world, offering a rich palette of musical styles.
  • Accessibility: Targeted at high-frequency video and podcast content creators, the platform is intuitive and suited for a variety of professionals including YouTubers, advertising agencies, and wedding film production houses, making it accessible to a broad audience.
  • Royalty-Free: Music generated with is royalty-free, addressing the challenge of acquiring and licensing music for content creators and eliminating concerns over copyright infringement.
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Cons of

  • Subscription Costs: While offers a free tier, more advanced features and higher usage limits require a subscription, which could be a barrier for some users.
  • Limited to AI’s Creativity: The music generated is based on AI algorithms, which may not fully capture the nuance and depth that a human composer could offer, potentially limiting the uniqueness and emotional depth of music for certain projects.

Use Cases:

  • Content Creation: Ideal for YouTube short films, providing scores that elevate the content’s quality.
  • Music Playlists: Useful for creating Lofi and ambient playlists for calm listening experiences.
  • Game Development: Indie game developers can use to compose music for their games, enhancing the gaming experience with unique soundtracks.

Pricing: offers various pricing plans to accommodate different needs, including a free tier for individuals starting out, a Pro plan recommended for creators making more than 10 videos a month, and an option to buy minutes for those requiring music occasionally. Detailed pricing information wasn’t specified, but the platform emphasizes simple plans to suit various needs.

In conclusion, is a powerful tool for content creators looking to enhance their projects with unique, mood-based music. Its AI-driven platform simplifies music composition, making it accessible to creators of all skill levels while offering the flexibility to customize music to fit the specific needs of a video or podcast.

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