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Last Updated on February 22, 2024 by Ivan Cocherga

Visit Website is a platform that offers AI-powered real estate photo editing services, aiming to transform, enhance, and modify property photos to appeal to a wide range of users including real estate agents, photographers, interior designers, and home redesign enthusiasts. The platform provides several services including AI Virtual Staging, AI Interior Design, AI Item Removal, AI Image Enhancement, and AI Day to Dusk. These services are designed to help users create captivating listings and dream designs by transforming spaces using AI technology.

Pros of using include its ability to provide personalized designs quickly by generating multiple design options based on specific client preferences such as color scheme, room size, furniture style, and budget. It also offers improved eco-friendliness by developing design solutions that reduce waste and energy usage, and designing multifunctional spaces that are efficient and versatile. Additionally, the platform allows for a greater appreciation for nature through designs that incorporate natural elements into living spaces【6†source】.

However, there are limitations and challenges associated with using AI in interior design, such as the need for high-quality and diverse data for accurate predictions and the potential overreliance on technology which might stifle human creativity【6†source】.

Alternative Tool  Poly

The use cases for span across various sectors including real estate marketing, interior design, and architectural planning, catering to professionals and enthusiasts who seek to visualize and enhance property photos before actual physical modifications.

The pricing plans for are structured to accommodate different user needs, starting with a free plan that offers up to 6 generations with watermarks and limited backup storage. Paid plans range from $10 per month for the Lite plan, which includes up to 20 photo enhancements or interior design generations, to $50 per month for the Pro Plus plan, offering up to 500 photo enhancement or interior design generations. Each plan offers high-quality downloads without watermarks and varying levels of backup storage, making it flexible for users to choose based on their volume of orders.

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